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Criminal defense attorneys often hear the question, “How can you represent someone you know is guilty?” However, lawyers who work in the criminal justice system-defense attorneys and prosecuting attorneys alike-know that the real issues are far more complex than guilt or innocence. The criminal justice system guarantees certain rights to criminal defendants, and part of a criminal lawyer’s job is to make sure that those rights are respected.

Criminal defense attorneys don’t just protect their clients-they protect the rights and freedoms that all of us depend upon. The Constitutional protections enforced by criminal defense attorneys were not designed to protect the guilty. These protections are for the benefit of the average citizen, to protect him from intrusive searches, being arrested and held without charges or the opportunity for bail, being badgered or even beaten by law enforcement officers into admitting to something he or she did not do, and more.

Unfortunately, the history of the criminal justice system in the United States, and its roots in English law, include examples of all of those abuses and more. That’s why the Constitution guarantees the right to a criminal defense attorney, who can help ensure that the rights guaranteed by that document are honored.

Whether a criminal lawyer is arguing for the suppression of evidence that was illegally obtained, questioning law enforcement officers about their procedures, petitioning to modify an excessive bail order so that you can post bond, cross-examining witnesses to ensure that false testimony is identified and disregarded, or negotiating with the prosecuting attorney to reach a plea agreement and streamline the process, that criminal defense attorney is playing a vital role in the justice system. Without criminal defense attorneys, the court would hear only the evidence that supported conviction, and more innocent men and women would undoubtedly be convicted simply because they had no means of establishing their cases.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, don’t delay. You undoubtedly have a lot of questions about the criminal justice system. Talk to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The criminal justice system can move very swiftly, and some defenses require notice with tight deadlines. Get advice from a criminal lawyer in your area today, before you make any decisions that might affect your freedom and your future, and do so before the passage of time takes those decisions out of your hands!

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